ThunderRolls 2011 Q3

July 1, 2011

No, I’m not a hero. But I served in the company of heroes.

– Jim Jannette (PAO 78-82)

“No, I’m not a hero. But I served in the company of heroes,” so recalls one of the survivors of Easy Company, from the Band of Brothers, HBO’s tribute to the Army’s Airborne D-Day troops. I too served in the company of heroes. Among them were Norm Lowry, Willie Mays, “Pete” Peterson and Mark Melancon. But I cannot think of the dark days without seeing the bright smiles. I cannot remember their loss without realizing their contribution. They sacrificed themselves for the American spirit while living the Thunderbird dream. The dread of the time blows behind me and in its place is the realization that we were all better for having them. God bless you my brother birds…”

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